Vote for Fleming


I write in support of Ron Fleming’s candidacy for Fort Myers Beach Fire Board Commissioner. Ron has the experience needed to do the job.

Ron worked for 37 years in the Dayton, Ohio Fire Department. During that time, he fought hundreds of fires. He understands what it takes to be a first responder and the responsibility the job carries. Ron also served as Deputy Chief for 24 years. He understands the administrative tasks required to run a fire department. Most importantly, he understands the toll the job can take on the first responders and the citizens they serve if the department doesn’t function properly.

If you have been following the election coverage for this position, you know Ron has been outspoken about the excessive number of new firefighters who leave our FMB Fire Department for other fire departments in Lee and surrounding counties. He says it is the most important challenge facing the department. His experience tells him the constant turnover creates safety and budget problems.

We have a unique opportunity during this election to elect someone who has the experience to support our fire department in overcoming challenges and meeting goals. Vote for Ron Fleming.


Suzanne Katt
Fort Myers Beach