Vote for Fleming


After reading the candidates’ responses to questions from both local papers and the letters to the editor of both papers, I support Ron Fleming for fire commissioner.

Ron has a far superior understanding of the wide-ranging issues facing the district–specifically the massive turnover of personnel, lack of a small water rescue boat (remember Hurricane Matthew?), and our excessive taxes. The town tax rate is 0.8%, fire tax is 2.58%. The fire budget exceeds $10,000,000. Does anyone care?

Ron possesses an inspiring resume in public safety and finance. Visit his web site to see for yourself. He remains focused on the issues, unlike the three fire commission incumbents who have attacked Ron with such comments as: he will be a great disruption, unknowledgeable, naïve, and intends to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on unnecessary boats and sever our magnificent relationship with the Coast Guard. Absolutely not true!

Ron simply proposes that the fire commissioners have a discussion for a shallow water, rigid hull, inflatable rescue boat that can come to our aide in the event of a flood. These style boats are extremely useful for flooded streets. The Coast Guard cannot sail down Estero or San Carlos Boulevards. Their vessels are limited to staying within the marked channels and offshore. Their mission is to defend thousands of square miles of ocean from the Keys to Sarasota, not just Fort Myers Beach. When the Coast Guard deploys, no Guard personnel are left behind because FMBFD cannot fend for itself.

Read again both candidates’ comments and the letters to the editor. I’m sure you will agree with me that Ron Fleming is an exceptional candidate. He will question the deficiencies and needs of our fire department with comprehensive, well-organized recommendations to achieve positive solutions.

Elect Ron Fleming on November 8.


Deb Gold
Fort Myers Beach