Vote for Fleming


During my career with the Dayton Fire Department it was my privilege to work with Ron Fleming. Ron’s positive attributes include superior organizational management, fiscal responsibility, firefighting strategies and tactics, and internal customer service.

As a District Chief for the Dayton Fire Department, Ron led a leadership team that transitioned civilian paramedics over to cross-trained firefighter/paramedics. Ron’s vision was providing a more versatile and fiscally efficient workforce. His team was successful in meeting their objective.

Technically, Ron was a superior tactical and strategic thinker at emergency scenes. Whether it was a rescue event or high-rise structure fire, Ron commanded the gamut of possible emergency responses during his career with our department; all the while without recording a single significant injury.

Ron held his officers accountable for their actions while on and off emergency scenes. I personally experienced his exacting standards as a new employee. After discovering that my wife and newborn child were scheduled to come home from the hospital on my duty day he saw that I was released from duty for a period time necessary to get them home and settled in. This type of behavior rang true time and again with many of those under his command garnering him an immense amount of support and trust from within.

In summation, Ron will be an asset for the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District. He will bring forward a firm grasp technical, organizational, fiscal, and customer service skills. Ron Fleming has the technical, critical thinking, and leadership skills necessary to be a bold and innovative member of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Control District.
Jeffrey L. Payne
Dayton, OH