Vote for Fleming


Carol Morris, Chairperson of the FMB Fire District, claims to be a mind reader. How else to explain that she knows what Ron Fleming, the candidate for Seat 2, is thinking? In her letter to the editor dated October 14 she writes, “… he was quite upset since there was no doubt in his mind that he knows he was the best candidate and we the commissioners were stupid for not selecting him.”

In an email from Mr. Fleming to Ms. Morris, which she selectively edited in her letter to the editor, he wrote, “… I am very disappointed in your decision of last evening. I do not doubt the people chosen but I believe that you missed out.” This doesn’t add up with Ms. Morris’ statement. She wrote “stupid” in describing herself and her fellow commissioners. Ron Fleming did not. To be transparent, Ms. Morris should release the entire email and not pick and choose what suits her.

Mr. Fleming is a career first responder with decades of executive leadership experience in an urban rust belt fire department. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy Fellowship Program, holds a Masters degree in Public Administration and has 10 years of financial experience as a board member and president of a $50M credit union. Ron employs an inclusive leadership style that inspires consensus building, resulting with all team members striving to do their absolute best. He developed programs that have saved thousands of dollars in the public sector. He can do the same here. This is the type of candidate that I support. On November 8 vote Ron Fleming for FMBFCD Seat 2.

Jim Maxham
Fort Myers Beach


Ed. note: The Submission Policy of the Island Sand Paper limits letters to 300 words, so there was no way the entire email could have been printed. To clarify this issue, we will print the entire email below with identifying information of third parties removed:

Email sent April 22, 2015 at 8:22am from Ron Fleming to Carol Morris: Carol, I attempted to mail you and the other 2 incumbents but it bounced back. Claimed your addresses are invalid. Perhaps you should look into that. And more. Please forward this to them.

I am very disappointed in your decision of last evening. I don’t doubt the people chosen but I believe you missed out. I am surely as qualified as they, however I am an unknown. Your cohorts both stated that they were personally knowledgeable of those selected. It is my belief that you do not want someone who can intelligently question the decisions of the board or your chief. You spoke of education and “life experiences”, I’m guessing that doesn’t apply to the board. Last evening I spoke of the third worst experience of my career. I’ll now share with you the first.

 At 0748, October 22, 2010 I arrived at (a residence in) Dayton, Ohio. It is the residence of a very good friend. Our children attended the same grade and high schools. We socialized often. Her husband, a lieutenant on the DFD was an even closer friend of more than 20 years. I was in (her) living room that morning to inform her that the reason (her husband) was late returning home from duty was because he was dead. He died in the line of duty that night. Her reaction and that of her two children were as expected. However, it was much worse than you can imagine. Number 2 was along those lines but he survived.

 Your decision of last evening pales. I wish for good luck for the FMBFD because I believe that with people in charge such as you and yours they need it.


Ronald P Fleming