Vote for Dennis Boback


Dennis Boback was our past mayor and he did a great job. He can be reached by phone for any problem you have. He stands for lite government, which it was when he was mayor. He will follow our codes and comp plan. How any of the other canidates will do the same. There are two other canidates that want to change our codes. Dennis has business savy, he manages several condo complexes. The biggest development in the history of fort myers beach is upon us, we need a council that is up to the challenge to do what is right for the residents. Dennis is perfect for the job. We are really lucky that we have a canidate that is in tune with the island. He did not just arrive here a couple of years ago. He has been involved for many years. Several new residents running for council have brought up traffic, “hello” we will always have traffic. There is nothing you can do without a mid island bridge. It is very sad that only 25% of the residents vote as reported by the local newspapers. Islanders please wake up and get out to vote to save our piece of paradise, Vote Dennis Boback.

Bonnie Ennis

Fort Myers Beach