Vote for Dan Andre


It is our pleasure to ask for your vote for Dan Andre, our current Vice

Mayor. We have known Dan for the past eight years and we continue to be

impressed with his knowledge, thought process and genuine desire that we

as a community do the right thing for not just Ft. Myers Beach, but our local

government, State and National issues. Dan has the keen ability to listen,

ask the right questions and collect information in order to make sound

informed decisions, he is a voice or reason.

I believe we need someone like Dan Andre to help guide and lead Ft.

Myers Beach for not just the issues we are currently faced with, but as

important, someone who has the ability to help guide our community in the

future. Dan has a true passion for the needs of our community and has

demonstrated his ability to help lead in a responsible way.

So on March 15th we will vote for our good friend Dan Andre for Town

Council Ft. Myers Beach. We hope you will as well, as his continued

experience is needed for the future of our Island.

Gordon and Linda Curren

Fort Myers Beach