Vote for Dan Andre


My wife and I are residents of Lake Ozark, MO and have been vacationing in Fort Myers Beach for the last 5 years.  We are good friends with your Vice Mayor, Dan Andre and are very impressed with his vision for the Fort Myers Beach area.

At the Lake of the Ozarks, we have many of the same issues that Fort Myers Beach experiences.  The Lake is a resort area highly dependent on tourism for its tax revenue.  This tourism fuels businesses that support our infrastructure and provide services for full time residents.  We experience challenges with zoning, growth of large resorts, environmental concerns with our water quality, traffic, etc.

Sandy and I are involved with small business development in our area.  I serve on the Lake Area Convention and Visitors Bureau board, and Sandy is the VP of the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.   We both deal with issues involving smart growth of business in our area, while keeping the welfare of our locals and retirees in mind.  One attitude we face in the Lake area that growth is a “bad thing”.  Dan faces similar issues in Fort Myers Beach.

We have the attitude in our own business and in our leadership roles … “If you aren’t in growth mode, you’re in death mode.” Adding tax base through well-managed growth improves our area and Dan Andre is an advocate of smart, well-managed growth in your area.

Dan owns his own small business, has experience dealing with issues of growth during his term as councilman and Vice Mayor, is extremely environmentally conscious, and he truly is a voice of reason for your community.  If you don’t re-elect him, you will be losing a great public servant and a true advocate for Fort Myers Beach.

Mike & Sandy Waggett

Lake Ozark, Missouri