Vote for Cereceda


This is the time we have the opportunity to write a letter for our favored Candidate. I realize that the first 6 letters of that word Candidate describe Anita Cereceda.

Candid- frank, forthright, direct, straight-forward, straight-from-the shoulder, plain speaking, heart-to-heart. Anita has been involved in the Town’s history for 21 years, being chosen twice as Mayor. This background is a foundation that has clearly a range of knowledge to listen and to work on those projects that come before the council and a willingness to complete and fulfill their purpose.

The Council that is formed in March will make decisions that will have massive impact on our beach and town. These decisions must be based on a willingness to listen and to find solutions for the betterment of all citizens as well as businesses. Significant changes are ahead of us. Changes that can enhance the character of our town handled properly will result in long-term improvement for years to come. Anita Cereceda is an outstanding Candidate and worthy Councilwoman.


Ceel Spuhler
Fort Myers Beach