Vote for Cereceda & Butcher


Next month, we have one of the most crucial town elections since Fort Myers Beach was incorporated 20 years ago. I believe voting for Anita Cereceda and Bruce Butcher will help stabilize our Town and begin to get our government back on track.

Anita has consistently been a common sense voice with a levelheaded approach. She understands her role encompasses representation of not only our residents, but our businesses too. Anita supports smart preservation with responsible growth, vital to our town right now. She has stood her ground on issues such as stormwater, road construction and blight in our community, while maintaining a civility and accountability that is being lost in our Town Council. She is an asset that we cannot afford to lose.

Bruce has a fiscally minded background, and I believe he will help bring our budget back in line. He will look at the big picture and work with county and state officials rather than pushing back against them. He understands the necessity of responsible growth on our island. Bruce realizes it is crucial for our Town Council to begin working together to create a level of transparency. I believe Bruce will bring a much-needed fresh voice to the table.

We need balance on our current Town Council. Since our (last election) the only thing that has progressed is the length of their meetings. We need members who are willing to work for the good of our entire island, rather than special interests of a few. People who are willing to be accountable and stay in bounds, rather than tip toeing on the edge of violating Sunshine Laws. Our little island is at a crossroads. We vote in March to steer its’ future. I’m happy to endorse Anita Cereceda and Bruce Butcher to help guide the way.


Megan Zelenak
Fort Myers Beach