Vote for Cereceda

Letters to the Editor


Having served for approximately thirty years as an attorney representing local governments and nine years as an appointed and elected official of the Town of Fort Myers Beach, I have had occasion to work for and with a multitude of officials and I can state without reservation that Anita Cereceda represents the epitome of an ideal public servant.

She is the only sitting council member who was involved in the adoption of our Comprehensive Land Use Plan; is a business owner who understands and shares the concerns of our business community; is a homeowner who respects the integrity of our residential neighborhoods; demonstrates civil decorum and a knowledge of parliamentary procedure; and respect at Council meetings; does her homework in preparation for meeting agendas; in zoning cases carefully weighs the rights of individual property owners as well as the public interests of the entire community; and has been recognized for her leadership qualities by her fellow council members who have elected her our Mayor five times.

Vote for Anita!


Daniel Hughes
Fort Myers Beach