Vote for Cereceda

Letters to the Editor


As we approach the important election coming up on our Beach, it’s really important that we evaluate and choose carefully! I want to encourage everyone to support Anita Cereceda. Anita is the “Voice of Reason” on our Council. We all know what a contentious year it has been, and Anita has maintained her focus on what is best for the Town now and in the years to come. With her solid background and knowledge of our beginning, maturing, and now coming adulthood, she continues to live not in the past, but rather in a positive future. We are facing major difficulties in the months ahead, and it is so important to have a Council, which is focused on the overall growth of our wonderful little bit of Paradise. Anita has always had this goal. She has no “hidden agenda,” and always listens to everyone, whether she agrees or not. She is flexible enough to change her mind when new ideas arise, but to stick to her belief in our home. Please vote for the positive growth of our Beach, personified in Anita Cereceda.


Miffie Greer
Fort Myers Beach