Vote for Cereceda


Thank you Anita for your leadership!

When Anita Cereceda said she would meet with the Tom Torgerson team anytime. This contrasted with 3 other council members who said they would not. So, exactly how do you learn more about a project this size, get a feel for the rational and the background, engage in dialogue that represents the public interest and learn as much as you possibly can, in order to vote for or against an issue as big as the TPI project, if you refuse to meet with them. There is nothing illegal about meeting with TPI. In fact it is what a council member is supposed to do in advance of voting. It happens all of the time and a council member discloses it before voting. It is called doing your job by doing the necessary homework required to be a good Council person!  Thank you Anita for being what seems the only council member who knows what needs to be done. We need our leader back, so please vote Anita!


Nancy Mayher
Fort Myers Beach