Vote for Cereceda


I have had the pleasure of knowing Anita Cereceda for many years now. I remember back when Fort Myers Beach officially became incorporated. Anita was there, committed to protecting the economic and environmental well being of our island. It was a time of great optimism for Fort Myers Beach and Anita was leading the way.

20 years later, after two direct hits from hurricanes and the Great Recession, which destroyed homes and businesses across the island, Ft Myers Beach is still in the recovery process and sits at a crossroads. We can choose a path that leads us to recovery and prosperity or we can continue to drudge along as more businesses fail and less people visit our island.

Ft Myers Beach needs Anita’s leadership, experience and optimism to lead the way again. Anita has proven her commitment to this town as a volunteer, public servant, business owner and welcoming friend to all. Anita is a common-sense leader that has the legacy and visionary resources to guide Fort Myers Beach to prosperity.

I hope you will join me in voting for Anita Cereceda.


Nancy Mulholland
Fort Myers Beach