Vote for Butcher, Critser & Cereceda

Letters to the Editor


After attending a recent candidate forum my choices for Town Council is Bruce Butcher,¬†Forest Critser and Anita Cereceda and here’s why.

Mr. Butcher obviously has the business acumen and financial background to safeguard my tax dollars. Mr. Critser was genuine in his desire to serve the town. He talked about his sense of Duty and that struck me as more powerful then all the fancy qualifications other candidates may have had. Anita Cereceda clearly has a vision of where we’ve been and where we are going. Her comments were straightforward, knowledgeable and she illustrated a common sense approach that is much needed.

Ms. Cereceda said something compelling in her closing remarks about the “mix” on Town Council. I suppose if there were any other two remaining council members I might choose someone else but I simply cannot suffer another mismanaged meeting and misdirected Council who believes that by simply saying “no” we’ve done something productive for our town.

Support for Butcher, Critser and Cereceda is the right move at the right time for FMB!


Vern Underwood
Fort Myers Beach