Vote for Bruce Butcher


We have known Bruce Butcher for 12 years, and while he is a good friend, we are always impressed by his “get involved” attitude. He has been fired up about the Lake O discharge years before the recent blow up, and has made clean water management one of his main issues of concern.

Before retirement, Bruce was in various management positions with the same company for years, from Controller to VP of Business Development. After retiring he has been very involved with Fort Myers Beach. He is currently the President of Laguna Shores Homeowners Association; Chairman of the Public Safety Committee; Ad Hoc committee for Downtown FMB Redevelopment; Bike-Walk Lee Steering Committee, and several other positions. He truly is involved! Bruce looks to the future with good judgment instead of dwelling on the past and “should have, could have” issues.

Great family man and all around good guy with a smart vision for FMB! Please give him your vote March 15th.

Tom & Martie Schultz

Fort Myers Beach