Vote for Bruce Butcher


We all are watching with interest while the future of our Island is at stake. The problems at the North end are obvious. One crosses the SkyBridge and is awestruck with the panorama and majesty of the view of the Gulf, Then he or she descends into the seedy tackiness of Time Square and its environs. Crescent Beach, about which we argue, is “home” to the homeless.

An analogy is if an orthopedic surgeon wishes to open a clinic in an underserved community but local laws preclude installation on an x ray machine. The Doctor claims he cannot practice without one. The Town says you may open your clinic, but you must follow our rules. If he could open his office, perhaps other physicians would follow. Other specialties would come and a medically depressed area would grow and thrive. Perhaps a small Mayo Clinic like area would arise from nowhere. The whole area would improve and grow. Better medical care would encourage other people to open good businesses and the vitality and health of the whole community improves. The rising tide lifts all boats. It can’t happen if small narrow minded people are in charge.

I am not saying Grand Resorts should get a free pass, but to just say “No” as some of the candidates are doing is wrong. Bruce will listen to the needs of the developer and citizens. He will balance their desires and requirements. He has the capacity to see the best path forward for the Island. He can compromise. He can get it done. Progress is not ignoring the future and its possibilities. We have a treasure here and by not nurturing and developing it, we are wasting it. I have not heard any other candidate speak of our future possibilities with the dedication and vision of Bruce Butcher.

Dave Kurti

Fort Myers Beach