Vote for Boback & Hosafros


Am I the only one struggling? We’re a small town with about 7,000 residents and about 2,000 people that vote but you’d think we’re Washington DC.

When my wife, Summer Stockton, ran for council she spent roughly $3,000 for her campaign. The current PAC (political action committee), yes a PAC on a 7 mile island, has spent much more thus far. The money as I understand it was raised from out of state sources. All to attack 1 council person, Dennis Boback.

It’s a shame because as neighbors and friends we shouldn’t be attacking viciously. We should be having healthy discussions and compromise. We’re unfortunately living the Netflix series, House of Cards, with PACs, deceit, libel and lies. Instead of being what we were and could be again, a balanced, well-rounded, community with healthy debates.

I’m voting for Dennis Boback and Rexann Hosafros. They’re both long term FMB home owners with a voting record I can get behind. However, that’s my vote and my opinion and you don’t have to agree with me. It’s ok to have different view points and different goals. That’s why when we incorporated in 1995 the town made a choice not to have a strong-mayor but a council-manager form of government so no 1 person would have control and all voters would feel heard. It takes 3 council members to raise taxes, change codes, or alter our comp plans.

Despite all of this political contention, remember no matter what flier you get in the mail or what letter you read, your vote is yours. No amount of money or political pressure can take that away from you. Do your own research by visiting (to view meetings) and make your own decision March 5th.


Sheena Brook
Fort Myers Beach