Vote for Boback & Hosafros


When reading this, please clear your mind and think back to the time you made that final decision to move to FMB. Really ask yourself why you chose here when you could’ve lived anywhere else like Sanibel, Key West, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Daytona Beach, etc. I’m guessing you have reasons similar to my family and me.

In 1989, my parents and I set out in a motorhome from California with Florida as our destination. We traveled to many cities. Then, we pulled into The Red Coconut and we’ve been here ever since.

Here there was an elementary school, a local library, 7 mile long beach with wildlife, nature preserves, a small close knit community, a rec center, businesses to patron (including grocery stores, restaurants, an arcade, and much more). All of this plus affordable, peaceful residential areas to live in. The place was perfect! A dream come true.

As the years have passed things have changed with the times (like kids don’t play in arcades nowadays). There have also been many developers and business owners who have tried to change our town in such a way that would sacrifice our small town charm. But, residents have stood firmly against this.

If you want to preserve the very reasons you moved here, then on March 5th vote Dennis Boback and Rexann Hosafros. If you want to maintain that difficult balance between residents, tourists, and businesses, vote Boback and Hosafros. If you want to be able to still afford to live here, then vote Boback and Hosafros. If you want Councilmembers without a personal agenda, vote Boback and Hosafros. If you want Councilmembers that are objective and honest, vote Boback and Hosafros. If you want Councilmembers that will sensibly handle necessary growth without compromising our small town character and our quality of life, vote Boback and Hosafros.


Summer Stockton
Fort Myers Beach