Vote for Andre and Green


As a resident who absolutely loves living here, the first question one asks oneself when there’s an election is, “Who will look ahead as to what’s best for the Beach? Who will have the foresight, the background of experience, the fortitude to address the complex problems that are front and center right now?” My choices are Jack Green and Dan Andre.

Jack, having been the Town’s Principal Planner and Director of Public Works as well as Interim Town Manager, fills each of those requirements completely. When talking to him you immediately realize his ability to listen as well as explain how a decision was brought about.

Dan, I believe, has brought a balance to the council with his past experience being Vice-Mayor and his involvement with our environmental issues. He is definitely aware of residents’ concerns as well as visitors’ because of his business.

These two men have extensive backgrounds that are out on their websites and their range of experience, I believe, will focus with clarity in keeping our Town, concerning the changes that are surely needed, in a way that the charm and uniqueness which attracted us to choose Fort Myers Beach, our home, will be enhanced.

Ceel Spuhler

Fort Myers Beach