Vote for Allers


We have had the privilege and good fortune to know Dan Allers. He has proven time and time again to be not only a good neighbor but a true friend.

Always at the ready, we have counted on Dan many times to check on our house while we were away, button down the hatches on our home during Hurricane Irma, and report and repair any issues that resulted from any storm.

Always generous with his time, Dan volunteers for many town committees and activities. A member of the Bay Oaks Advisory Board, being a Chamber Ambassador, regularly playing Santa for the Beach School, and most recently volunteering for Tunaskin Beach cleanup, are just a few of the commitments Dan has devoted his time to. He contributes to the community in any way he can to help improve our Island, not only for the residences and businesses, but also for visitors. Through his enthusiasm he is able to motivate others to join in many activities they otherwise would not participate in.

He is passionate about promoting our island, keeping a balance between the residents’ concerns and commercial interests. He listens to all sides of an issue, respects the position of each side and makes an informed decision that is best for the island community as a whole.

Dan’s focus has always been on the improvement of Fort Myers Beach and how he could contribute to that. He believes in our community. He is certain we have the components to make our island a paradise for everyone. He is confident that he can cultivate and refine these pieces to accomplish this objective.

We believe Dan Allers is the person to make Fort Myers Beach the perfect Eden for residents, businesses and visitors.

Voter for Dan Allers!!

Patrick Cahill and Debora Szymski
Fort Myers Beach