Vote for Allers


I’ve heard neighbors rationalizing their vote saying, “I like Dan, but he has no government experience.” Please don’t confuse his lack of government experience with a lack of the problem-solving skills necessary to govern. Dan has decades of customer service experience managing his own construction business and leading project management engagements. His successful interactions with customers have honed his listening, critical thinking and communication skills and aren’t these the exact skills we need on the Council today?

I believe his skill set will complement the existing council members experience; too much of the “same” on any Board of Leadership only limits debates, weakens results and isn’t reflective of our diverse community.

While I understand we have existing laws and policies that regulate enforcement I also know the Council is the legislative body with the authority to change these laws and has the obligation to objectively weigh ALL the factors impacting its decisions, not solely the language of existing laws. An experienced member’s first thought when an issue is introduced will naturally be “when I was on the Council.” Dan will not reminisce about how it used to be, he will not have to defend his authorship of previous actions instead he will immediately bring a fresh perspective.

The island is in transition, quaint beach cottages are being replaced by multi-million-dollar mansions, critical infrastructures are undergoing a once in a generation upgrade, businesses are again investing in our economy. While we owe a great debt to the honorable public servants that built the foundation for our future it’s time for a fresh face with new ideas, a decision-making mentality that begins with tomorrow and is not moored to the past


John Goggin
Fort Myers Beach