Vote-by-Mail Expiration


We have been permanent residents of FMB since 2004 and have used Vote By Mail (VBM) for several years due to aging, awful experiences in the past, and I am disabled. After vetting the candidates for the 3/5/19 Town election, thanks in large part to your coverage, I asked my wife for our Vote By Mail ballots. We never received them. I called Lee Vote office and was told “terribly sorry you can’t vote but VBM requests expire every two years. You should have been watching for that.” So there are no notifications of pending expiration I asked. No ‚ÄúThis is a State law.” I don’t know of many or any subscriptions or contracts we have that DON’T notify us that our expiration date is coming. It seems to me that I have used VBM for much longer than 2 years when Ms. Harrington was the head. We voted for 20 prior years in Chicago (crook) county and I thought I had seen all the dirty tricks to suppress voting. Florida politics takes the cake.


Joe Fleming
Fort Myers Beach