Vote Boback and Hosafros


The Friends of Fort Myers Beach PAC, run by foreign citizen Beverly Milligan is NO friend of this island . People who do not live here are trying to run the election by smearing one of our own, Dennis Boback, with untruths and accusations. The nastiness coming over our bridge into our community is terrible. This is not us, this is not who we are. (The Friends of FMB) has unknown backers giving money to send out attack ads that Dennis is a tax and spend guy. Not true! Their next attack ad said Dennis and Tracey were accused of a sunshine violation. Beverley Milligan (as head of the EITA) accused them and our USA Justice System said they clearly did not violate sunshine! Next may be an ethics complaint like some did to Commissioner Kiker. When they are cleared of that they can sue for their legal fees. They are attacking people who have deep roots not just in this town but in this county. Their support is strong! We take care of our own on this island and these attacks are aimed at people who have done so much for so many of us. To save our town from foreign investors, Vote Boback and Rexann. We are only six miles long, we need to figure out what these outsiders want with our town so badly that they would spend so much money to attack our own. There is a book at Town Hall with all candidates and who is funding their campaigns, everyone should read it.


Fran Cooke
Fort Myers Beach