Vote Allers, Atterholt & Butcher


Thank you to Anita Cereceda and Joanne Shamp for their many years of devoted and excellent service on the LPA, Town Council and many other boards and organizations within our Community. Their upcoming vacated seats on Town Council, along with Bruce Butcher’s 1st term coming due, leaves us with electing 3 leaders for those 3 seats on March 17th.

The vast Community is so appreciative of the common sense leadership of this current Council, which leaves us with a strong desire to keep the positive momentum and spirit going. I would like to endorse three candidates that I feel are best suited to continue this positive leadership direction. They are Dan Allers, Jim Atterholt and Bruce Butcher. I feel they would work extremely well with the sitting Council of Rexann Hosafros and Ray Murphy. I ask you to give strong consideration for the ballot of Allers, Atterholt and Butcher.

Please read and listen to the interviews on these three candidates and participate in upcoming debates as they are announced. It is important for us all to cast educated votes, it is all of our futures at stake. ALLERS…ATTERHOLT…BUTCHER!


Thomas Torgerson
Fort Myers Beach