Volunteer Boaters Spend Time Gathering Monofilament Line


Monofilament Madness, November 4th at Mound House

The back bay is home to a wondrous variety of marine life. It’s also a favorite fishing spot for anglers. Combine those two facts and you end up with a dangerous amount of monofilament fishing line discarded in the back bay, particularly around mangrove roots, a favorite spot for fish.

On Saturday, November 4th a group of volunteer boaters and kayakers will spend the morning gathering not only fishing line, but also larger debris from the back bay. Hurricane Irma no doubt blew a lot of debris into the bay and this is a great time to remove it.

Beginning at 8am at the Mound House, volunteers will begin to gather marine debris and bring it back to the Mound House. All are welcome. Participants are asked to register at klcb.org in advance, but don’t let that stop you from helping with the clean up. About noon, volunteers will be served lunch courtesy of Sam Galloway auto dealers.

Volunteers should come dressed to get dirty and wet. Bring garden or work gloves and a tool to cut fishing line entangled in the mangroves.