Visitor Report


I hope Lee County has more resources/input than the research by Downes & St Germaine Research. Otherwise the numerous of visitors will continue to decrease. (“TDC Visitor Report” Island Sand Paper, May 17, 2019)

One glaring portion of the report finds it “curious” that Traffic is #1 area of concern expressed by the visitors.  Why curious?  Because 4 top areas of visitor origin have worse traffic problems than experienced here is South Florida.

Has it occurred to anyone that these visitors came to Lee County to escape such traffic woes! I don’t think anyone vacationing here thinks “Just what problems from home can I bring on vacation? Oh I know….frustrating and annoying traffic.” I doubt it.

The other observation is that visitor anticipated l activities of beaches, relaxation, unwinding, dining, and family visiting don’t match with actual opportunities. Thoses actual activities consist of dining and shopping top the list. There is nothing else to do…beaches littered with algae, dead fish, odors, no boardwalk, no large attraction draws like concerts, contests and competition, no gambling. I know there are some opportunies but they need to be widely advertised! Ford Edison, Mound House, Koreshan site, museums, aquarium, old car nights at Parrot Key and the river district. Frequently this activities are featured after they have taken place.  Even Bay Oaks on FMB hAS  pickle ball, tennis, soft ball on drop in basis.  Again no one knows!

I hope Lee County doesn’t have a long term contract with Downs and St. Germain.

Virginia Pisarra, PhD
Fort Myers Beach

Editors Note: The TDC report is an analysis of over 1,000 interviews with visitors. The writer of the article wrote that he found the traffic concern “curious.” That comment was not attributed to Downes & St. Germaine. The Sand Paper would also like to see more in-market advertising by the TDC to highlight local entertainment opportunities, but the Bed Tax does not permit more than a very small allocation for local event advertisin