Vigorous Opposition to Bay Harbour

Letters to the Editor


This regards the Bay Harbour Marina Village proposed development on San Carlos Island. To refresh memories, the project was found to be out of character for San Carlos Island and inconsistent with the Lee Plan by the Lee County LPA. Numerous illegalities were cited by the Lee County Hearing Examiner in her 58-page rejection of the proposal. The residents of San Carlos Island spent hundreds of hours poring over documents and attending meetings in their 1.5-year effort to prevent this monstrosity from taking rise in our community. Ultimately, it was sent back by the Board of County Commissioners to County Staff with instructions to correct the discrepancies.

Developer Jack Mayher recently stated that all concerns were addressed. This statement is incorrect. There has been no meaningful change to the scope of project. The housing density remains unchanged as does the proposed parking garage for beach goers.

The citizens of San Carlos Island want this property to be developed. But we want it developed in reasonable compliance with the Lee Plan and existing zoning ordinances. We are even willing to allow reasonable deviation to further this result. Indeed, when this same developer asked for significant deviations to accommodate his marina development a few years back, residents did not oppose it. There is ample room for a reasonable return on the developers’ investment in this property within this confine.

This proposal is extreme, out of character with San Carlos Island and – due to its precedent setting nature – it has the potential to permanently alter the character of San Carlos Island and destroy our way of life. Because of this, we intend to continue our vigorous opposition to the revised proposal.


Nicholas J. White
San Carlos Island