Use Common Sense


I have seen and heard all 5 candidates speak on issues relative to the Town. I am curious as to who seems to be writing for Ber Stevenson, because it surely is not Ber. Please people be smart and check their background. These people will be making decisions that will impact our future. I only heard Joanne Shamp speak at one of the meetings, and was very disappointed at her narrow mind. We need someone fair and balanced.

I am only a resident and a taxpayer who is very concerned of the future of our Town. It seems to me that there is never enough money for improvements (please take lessons from downtown Bonita Springs). But in the mean time the Town gets sued very often for things that they first approve, then they disapprove. There are too many inept people making decisions or no decisions at all. I know some with good intentions want the beach to stay in the 50’s without thinking of the ramifications to our economics. Our downtown looks like a war zone – very unkempt. How can we attract tourist business like that? We need their money and businesses need their money to succeed. Please let’s use our God Given Common Sense.


Angela Rippons
Fort Myers Beach