Unite For Better FMB


It is once again Town Council election season, I have endorsed Jim Atterholt, Dan Allers and Bruce Butcher. However, I have interacted with all the candidates and feel we have a good field of them to work with.

There have been two candidate forums with two to go, I urge you to attend one. In my interaction with a candidate the other day, he felt the Town was divided between Pro-Development and Anti-Development. I found that puzzling as I told him I don’t interact with anyone that would want the Comp Plan or Land Development Code amended, and I interact with a lot of people on this island. The Margaritaville Facebook page alone has over 5,000 followers from the 33931 zip code. I told him my opinion; that is that improvements should be made to homes, businesses and public lands. I also said I felt that is what 95% plus of us residents want, in accordance with the Comp Plan. There does exist a small cell or group of people that are terribly vocal and just don’t want change at all.

From my lens, I see this island uniting this past year and overwhelmingly not wanting to be stuck in the past, respect and celebrate our past, but don’t be stuck living in it. I assure you of the seven candidates to pick from, and 95% plus of the residents, we are all just looking for reasonableness and civility as we march forward into FMB’s future, making it a better place. Lastly, we need to continue rebuilding relationships with Lee County. This will result in their support to help us succeed. It is amazing how productive people can be working together rather than fighting each other!


Tom Torgerson
Fort Myers Beach