Transparency Needed


In the midst of the 60 day protest on top of the Mantanzas bridge, community members against the lake O discharges stood side by side with clean water activists, known as the SWFL clean water movement to raise awareness about our local waterways. At this very same time frame an alliance was formed by our local mayors to also take action toward our damaged ecosystem at the hands of the lake O discharges. Our local mayors led by Sanibel island mayor Kevin Ruanee have all agreed to pay thousands of dollars from our local councils at town halls in 5 local cities to employ a lobbyist to head to our state level and speak for us as a community about water quality. We as clean water activists demanded our local leaderships to get more involved with our local waterways issues. They did. However they are doing it the wrong way once again! They are pushing for a bandaid solution called the C43 water storage facility. A giant storage tank to hold water back and to use it when we actually need water released during the dry months to avoid salt water intrusion and such. Problem is there again is no such plans for water cleansing devices or filtration measures at C43. That means we will again have dirty water sent down our river and into our island waterways. We as the activists of the clean water movement indeed have the actual solution with out any patchwork attached, a real solution. The only solution to our local water quality issues. Plan 6 it is known as. To redirect the flow back to its natural form by sending the water south naturally as mother earth intended while recreating “the river of grass”, saving the everglades, and ending the discharges to the Caloosahatchee River in the St Lucie River.

John G. Heim

Fort Myers Beach

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