Traffic Solutions


There are two simple low cost improvements to increase the traffic flow on Estero Blvd. in addition to what the Mayor and others are doing to resolve the increased problems caused by the construction at the north end of the island.

The ongoing problem is exacerbated by the bottleneck by “Times Square”.

Year after year I have observed that the traffic control folks at Estero Blvd. on the west end of the bridge have the Impossible job of getting walkers and bikers from one side to the other. They mainly do it by stopping the traffic every time one or two people come to the intersection. In other words the pedestrians are given priority over the cars. One simple although small solution that can be done at no extra cost would be a leadership decision to hold pedestrian traffic until a reasonable number are backed up. Why is it okay to have cars backed up for miles with resulting pollution and waste of gas and not people.

The second and more effective solution would be to build a simple “overhead walking ramp” over Estero. One would think that the business people would jump at the chance to pay for such an improvement even if it would only be temporary until other construction in the area happens.

Consideration could also be given to such “overhead ramps” at other locations where there is heavy pedestrian cross over traffic. It is time for action by the current Council and for those running for office to add such solutions to their platforms.

Roger Toogood

Roseville, MN