Traffic Solution


I’m not a traffic engineer, however I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once, and its apparent the author of the scheme drawn in the proposal, has not. (Council Examines Downtown Traffic Proposal, August 25, 2017, Island Sand Paper,

A traffic circle, actually an irregular polygon, already exists, using Estero Blvd, Crescent, and 5th St. With careful planning, it can be utilized to relieve some of the congestion entering and exiting the Island. Crescent St. becomes one way from Estero to Fifth, Fifth St. becomes one way from Crescent to the base of the bridge. Estero becomes one way from the intersection of 5th, Estero and N. Estero to Crescent. Open Center St. one way to Old San Carlos. Old San Carlos is one way from Center to N. Estero.

Traffic coming on the island can: 1. Turn right on Center, 2. Proceed south on Estero. Traffic exiting the island from N. Estero, turns right on Estero, merges into the left lane and turns left at Crescent then left at Fifth. Traffic exiting the island from S. Estero turns right on Crescent and left at Fifth.

A pedestrian cross over from the County owned Seafarers property to the beach side of Estero should be built and barriers placed along both side of Estero from the intersection of Fifth and Estero on the bay side and from the intersection of N. Estero/Estero to Crescent St. to deter at grade Pedestrian crossing. I have the drawing if anyone wants to look at it.


Kirk Whitacre
Ft Myers Beach