Traffic Problem Solved!


The Fort Myers Beach traffic is brutal. Every year it becomes worse!

One option was the Grand Resorts plan to alleviate the traffic by eliminating the crosswalk signal and escalate the pedestrians safely over Estero Boulevard, but that was destroyed by the NIMBY’s (Not In My Back Yard!) and most of the hotel owners before it was even formally proposed.

Another option would be to ELIMINATE the traffic!

The problem originated in 1979 when Matanzas Pass Bridge opened. This giant eyesore must be removed! Going back to a slow-operating swing bridge or better yet a car ferry would allow us to control access to OUR island. As far as automobile access from the south… Lovers Key State Park should be returned to a natural pristine state by removing all roads and asphalt.

We can regulate the amount of cars that are able to access the island by the size of the ferry. A ten-car ferry would likely amount to less than 50 vehicles per hour. The privileged residents would of course ride free but the non-residents would pay a rate that is high enough to discourage casual visitors.

As the local businesses fail, Lee County can purchase the property, demolish the buildings, and return the land to a natural state. This will shift more tax burden on the non-resident property owners making the cost oppressive.

If we resident voters can stick together, we can get OUR island back! We are not “Martha’s Vineyard,” but perhaps we could call our exclusive island “Marco’s Orchard.”

This is OUR island! We don’t want a bunch of northern Yankee tourists crawling all over the place.


Dale Bonnema
Fort Myers Beach