Traffic Information


We’ve all seen those signs beforeā€¦.”traffic info, tune radio to 530 AM., and may, on occasion, may have tuned into one. They are called Travelers Information Stations. Low-power a.m. stations designed to broadcast such things as road conditions, emergency situations, i.e. evacuations during extreme weather conditions as well as other information. I am sure that the city must have at least checked out the availability of such a system at one time or another. Whether it would or could be utilized during “non-emergencies,” such as the current conditions associated with construction and spring breakers, I have no idea. But it certainly would be helpful to those motorists attempting to get on and off the island as traffic and congestion intensify. Meanwhile, those of us who have them can at least rely on Apps such as Waze, Maps, etc. for this information. And hope that whatever they report is correct.


Fred Arthur
Fort Myers Beach/Centennial, CO