Traffic Gridlock


I’m sending a photo from 12-28-09 taken about sunset, when I happened to have a camera with me. Traffic was backed up and nearly standing still in both directions. The time period was during recovery from the recession but there was no construction to tie up traffic, just visitors. Sterling is about halfway between the Sky Bridge and Big Carlos. This was a rare occurrence in my neighborhood; usually it’s just backed up going north. During the season I have driven out to turn onto Estero Blvd., and simply turned south instead of north. I have driven to Cape Coral in as little as 1-1/4 hours by driving down to Bonita Springs and back up US-41. On a day like that it would take up to an hour just to get to the Sky Bridge, Matanzas Pass.

This year, with the construction and fewer day visitors on the beach, the back up still comes down to Sterling, the Church of the Ascension, the Munch box. I work to the south, so I’m coming home around 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoons. For the first time that I’ve lived here, 57 years, I traveled past traffic bumper to bumper coming from Little Carlos Pass, Fort Myers Beach, down Hickory Blvd. on Bonita Beach and east on Bonita Beach Road solid to Hwy. US-41 where it was finally dispersed. Traffic gridlock of these proportions works a hardship on any resident who really has to go somewhere for appointments and so on. It also hurts our general economy out here because the day visitors just won’t come back, and those of us living here won’t stop anywhere north of Publix, or the gym on a good day. We’re held captive on our own property.

Stephen Roberts

Fort Myers Beach