Traffic and Parking



The huge San Carlos Island development at Ebb Tide, already fully approved by Lee County, must inevitably increase the traffic congestion along San Carlos Boulevard towards Matanzas Bridge as soon as this is built. However, in order to relieve traffic along San Carlos Boulevard, day visitors to Fort Myers Beach need to be coaxed out of their cars in the Summerlin Square area. This is where a good multi-storey Car Park could sensibly be located. Then they can make the rest of their journey in a Lee Tran trolley, which should be Free of Charge during season. It is worth remembering that this was arranged more than 10 years ago by our former Town Manager, Marcia Segal George, and trolleys would run every 10 minutes, but this is no longer the case.

There is no advantage in putting a multi-storey Car Park just before the Matanzas Bridge. By this time, day visitors will think that they have nearly reached Fort Myers Beach, so they may as well stick it out for a little while longer for the convenience of getting their strollers, coolers, chairs etc. nearer to the beach!

As for our downtown area, some development can be accepted which is consistent with our Comprehensive Plan. But we certainly don’t need a beach seawall, as proposed by the Grand Resorts group in order to facilitate building extra large hotels on our beach! Nor do we need another large multi-storey Car Park actually on our island, as Tom Torgerson and this group propose. As has been the case for many years, we need less vehicles on our island, not many more. Let us get together with other island residents, as suggested by Dan and Colleen Hendrickson in their excellent letter recently, to work on a sensible plan for the downtown area that protects our public property and building codes, and finally improves our traffic problem.

Michael Short

Fort Myers Beach