TPI Article Lacking


From your article, “TPI Submits Application… published April 7, 2017 Island Sand Paper”:

“How many rooms? About 262 rooms on the bayside resort plus 30 on the Gulf side over the restaurant.

 “Does the project comply with the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code? Developers say it does, with frequent quotes from the Comp Plan to support their plans.

 “The application requests two deviations. One to allow guest units to be calculated utilizing a Commercial Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and the second to allow the FAR calculation to exclude the parking under the hotel building.

 “Typically with residential property,” Gucciardo explained, “you measure density – how many units. With commercial properties like this project, you measure intensity using square feet, uses, impact on traffic and storm water – how intense will the project be.”

 Another issue is the use of parking area to compute FAR. “If you look at the history of the Comp Plan, Gucciardo said, “one of the big things in it was we wanted to encourage commercial development at grade level and discourage huge parking lots, so they wrote the rules so that parking counted the same as commercial space. When FEMA issued building rules in 2008– we lost the ability to build commercial properties at grade level. We can no longer do what the Comp Plan wanted, so we shouldn’t count parking against the project.”

I think to give fair treatment to this article you should publish the Maximum allowable rooms permitted for this project by the CPLD as traditionally calculated as well as the required parking spaces. And also site when if ever the deviations requested by TPI have ever been granted in other circumstances. I seems to me by omitting this information you are subliminally supporting TPI’s project.



Kirk Whitacre
Fort Myers Beach