Town Losing its Appeal


My family has been coming to enjoy Ft Myers Beach activities for many years. In fact at one time we owned a house on Avenida Pescadora Blvd and still retain a number of timeshare weeks between Royal Beach Club and Estero Island Beach Club.

Last year we could not visit the Island so we rented our January units out to friends. Everyone enjoyed the Resorts: clean rooms, on the beach and helpful staff but commented that Times Square is littered with cigarette butts and the streets are filled with empty store fronts…the town looked “down at the heels”.

We were excited to used our time share weeks to visit our beloved Island again but were disappointed…FMB is losing its appeal…fast. Helmerich Plaza is a rundown decrepit skeleton of what once was a vibrant active vacation community. This is sad because our family has enjoyed the beach, its restaurants and local shopping for many years. Bottom line is that we’re disappointed and want a more enjoyable vacation experience.

Speaking with our “year rounder” friends on the Island, we discovered there are plans to develop the Time Square area and give the Island a modern update….something the community desperately needs. But the “town fathers” resist change which is sad. Everyone in the community would benefit: hotels would bring in year long jobs, business would enjoy increased vacation money, the City an increased tax base and who knows…maybe enough revenues to build the second bridge…which is desperately needed.

We can understand and “put up” with construction…but to let the Island’s charm slip away is criminal.

In closing, we will check back in a few years and hopefully the town overseers will accept change and approve the much needed improvements!


John Evans
Farmington Hills, MI