Town Council & Restrooms


There was an article in a beach paper concerning restrooms. One council member suggested using restaurants or businesses for restrooms. That council member does not have a business or restaurant on the beach. They have to pay for water, sewer, paper towels and soap. Is the council going to pay for this? It would be another taxpayer loss. It’s not fair to not have restrooms at each or every other beach access, with water to wash feet, etc.

Council members do not go to the beach for the day. People pay $2/hr to park. Some areas you have to walk a mile or two to a restroom. We certainly have an evasive Town Council on having restrooms at accesses. It would be nice for council members to allow beachgoers to use their restrooms.

All restaurant and business restrooms should be kept locked except for paying customers. The key for restrooms should be kept at the cash register.

Any council member during council meetings good or bad walks out of council should keep on walking. Too much friction going on with the mayor and council. The hiring of Town Managers from Cape Coral and Fort Myers the rejects after a couple of years serving the Town, moneywise, smile all the way to the bank. Another taxpayers loss.

No more rejects for Town Managers. (Amen).

What the Town of Fort Myers Beach needs is for the County to take over the Town completely. Take the dogs off the beach area, nuisance and not sanitary. (South of) Lovers Key is the Dog Beach. It would be nice for our Town to be in the top 25 in FL.

We need professional people to serve as mayor and council members, which we don’t have. The county could provide this maybe, just maybe.


P. Winter
Fort Myers Beach.