Town Budget


Having attended the Fort Myers Beach work shop and Town Council meeting of 8/22/16 I found it interesting that only community residents were speaking in favor of raising the millage rate from 8 to 9 mills and not anyone in attendance raised their voice against raising the millage rate.

One resident did point out the increase would only cost .09 per day on their tax bill.

With the excessive debt of the town, the lack of funds for Bay Oaks, let alone reserves for emergency maintenance, why did the town council take half a million dollars from town reserves to put towards our new town hall facility. Which could now result in the need to transfer funds in the amount of $835, 423. from the gas tax fund reserves to the Water Utility Fund to cover the outstanding bills that have not been paid for what has been already been billed for the Estero Blvd. Water Project. There are the other unknown cost of which the work has not been started or completed. I would recommend town staff thru the town manager, present a town budget at 9 mills to town council, and that all 5 members of the town council, after reviewing the new budget of 9 mills follow the recommendation of the town manager for the future well being of the town of Fort Myers Beach.


Bill Fagan
Fort Myers Beach