Tough Questions


Tracey Gore was elected by 27% of the 58% of votes. While campaigning she used the same TONE of voice that she uses in workshops and council meetings. She is not a politician, if she was she would perhaps, change her TONE, sugar coat it. Meeting after meeting Tracey continues bringing up important issues. ( 3 million of unpaid bill, where did that come from?, storm water, selling town properties, etc.) These are not agendas these are issues extremely important to the health of the Town. She gets little or no support from the council. She continues asking tough questions just to get no answers from the town manager, only, I’ll have to get back to you, meeting after meeting, I’ll have to get to you. When the town manager,staff and other council members don’t like or support the questions she asks, you know she is on to something and it is something they don’t want you to know.

When counsel members and newspapers are more concerned about the tone of someone’s voice and being called girls, rather then the real issues plaguing our town,their are simply trying to divide the town. Don’t let  them succeed, encourage Tracey to keep the tough questions coming. Tracey Gore, The voice of the residents.


Gayle Manor
Fort Myers Beach