Torgerson Speaks to Civic Association


Last week, The Beach Area Civic Association (BACA) held it’s second meeting at Bonita Bills, where they took another step toward their charter by assembling a list of volunteers to put together a board of directors, agreeing to a few by-law and incorporation details and agreeing on some basic common purposes.

“The first portion of our meeting was dedicated to a back-and-forth with Tom Torgerson, the hotelier proposing the huge makeover of the downtown core of Fort Myers Beach,” said Charlie Whitehead, community organizer. “For an hour Torgerson and his planner and engineer took questions from association members in regards to his seawall proposal, which they now refer to as a ‘coastal armoring system’.”

Whitehead told us that members asked questions and learned a lot about Torgerson’s proposal and it might impact our community.

“We expect those conversations to continue as we move toward a meaningful association discussion of the proposal and reaching our own consensus on it,” he said. “Our next meeting will be devoted solely to our own business. A list of volunteers was assembled to consider bylaws, articles of incorporation, goals and mission statement and the many other details we must take care of to create a real ongoing civic association.”

That meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, January 21, again at the Bonita Bill’s meeting room on San Carlos Island.

“The Beach Area Civic Association will continue its efforts to provide a forum for discussion among community members of issues that affect us all,” Whitehead said. “Open minds, civility and the free exchange of ideas, beliefs and feelings will continue to be our goal.”

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