Too Much


There is entirely too much going on for a small Island with a (former) mellow way of life for all to absorb…all the construction, all the destruction…when will it ever end? Who are we really? What are our desires? Where have we come from? What will be the end? I will answer some of those questions.

We are a small Island community dedicated to upholding vestiges of our past. We “Are the People” that fell in love with the simplistic life of olde Florida, the flora, the fauna, the animals, reptiles, the vermin…all that came before us that inhabited our paradise before we arrived. We embraced our shrimping past as those men and women sacrificed so for the pink gold they harvested, we celebrated and glorified the dire circumstances they had to live by as because of them we are…or should I say were?

Now we are an Island divided, poor town management, the oblivion of our elected town officials…how great we were, how sad we are becoming. Due to Charlie we lost so very much this however, has become an opportunity for the paper of a green back to replace the gold of our sands and sunsets, humble we were, elite we are becoming. How quickly we can forget that those that are now construed as subservient to the wealth forthcoming were the ones who stayed to witness, mourn and rebuild the devastation Charlie brought to our shores, at once we were revered, now nothing more than something bad someone stepped in.

We the people are over and done with all the bull, we want and need to preserve what is left that you have not taken away, we want our island with all the idiosyncrasies, with all of our local color to stay before it is gone forever.

Kathleen A. Chappina

Fort Myers Beach