To the People of FMB


Every year for the last fifteen (15) years, our Family has vacationed on Ft. Myers Beach. Each year we look forward to our time in the sun and new improvements at the Beach. This year we were excited to hear of the proposal for the redevelopment of the area around Times Square with new Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Attractions, not to mention, much needed expanded parking and improved traffic flow. Much to our surprise, the proposal appears to have been dismissed by the Town of Fort Myers Beach and the few who apparently control what gets built on the Island. We, my wife and myself, have found this very difficult to understand, as we have noticed over the years, a steady decline in the quality of Lifestyle and improvements on the Beach, i.e. infrastructure, lodging, dining and recreational activities and beatification projects. The Beach is turning into a full-on Slum.

My family has made a decision in light of these developments. We will not be returning to Ft. Myers Beach for our Family vacations in the future. Our future vacation plans will be focused on Communities which offer a Safe Family-friendly environment with more upscale Community improvements, attractions and beautification goals.

It is with regret that we will no longer be vacationing at Ft. Myers Beach. There is no benefit to investing our money in a Community, which has seen better days and shows no desire of recovering from its decline.


T.A. Flowers Family