Times Square Traffic Light


Had three meetings with the Town Manager how the median strip at the traffic light is suppose to be ran. He told me that the OFF Duty Deputies will be phase out someday as their job is to do the median strip except when the new Capt. pulls them off the median strip for emergency, then there no one working the light. Who pay’s for it, the County or us taxpayers? At fifty dollars a hour the Town does not need deputys two days before New Years or 2 days before July 4th. Not needed. Do not need anyone at Light. Deputys sit in patrol vehicles up to 2 hrs or leave area up to 2 hrs when it rains, col or hot weather they sit in their patrol vehicles or July 4th Lady Deputy leaning against the trolley stop playing with her cell phone etc. All the above paying someone fifty dollars. It’s like giving a donation to someone. The Town Manager does not observe what he’s paying for. He should phase our the Deputys now and get some of his staff for overtime when needed only. A ex-mayor told me years ago that deputys work so hard at Times Square. That is one out of 100 people that I spoke to.

The past mayor, Town Manager, new Capt. & Lt and myself are aware of this letter. Everyone sees what happing and it is the Town taxpayers loss for years. The Town only needs full time law enforcement.


Phil Winter
Fort Myers Beach