Time for a Change


The Little Estero Wildlife Area – it been almost 30 years and the island has changed. Thousands of people use that beach. We have high rise condos and homes being built in front of the wild life area. All the condo across the street also have a walk over to that part of beach.. so we watch all these people with pets walking thru all this wild life area? ..if there are any birds they a quickly scared away. The sand has moved from the island leaving only a narrow place on the sand. At high tide there is no sand.

Maybe it’s time to move this effort to Lovers Key that’s right next to it. But I know after being here 40 years what we are doing is not working, and the city complains about 2 walkovers the city should build for the Publix. The beach is changing and growing! Let’s keep in mind our town is called Fort Myers BEACH.


Alfred Veglia
Fort Myers Beach