There’s More to Bay Harbour


Guest Commentary

On July 21, the Sand Paper published and incomplete and inaccurate article about the Bay Harbor Marina project: (“Bay Harbour Marina Village Project Proposes Construction, Island Sand Paper, July 21, 2017, .

  1. The (developers) still compare this project to the Ebb Tide Project. While there are more spaces for people a lot of those will be offset but the removal of the existing residents in existing the Ebb Tide park. They are also not towering over our property since they are at the East end of the Island.
  2. (They) maintain that the lack of businesses on San Carlos Blvd is caused somehow by our properties and the industrial (seafood/marina) businesses. I suggest that it is because of the log-jammed in-season traffic on San Carlos Blvd that people will not patronize those properties. The West side of San Carlos Blvd is especially problematic because if you go to (let’s say one of the old restaurants) it’s almost impossible to get across San Carlos to get back on the mainland. Of course you can go under the bridge and head back that way but it’s not obvious to someone who is a casual visitor. I reiterate…it’s the location and the traffic that kills business opportunity. And it’s not just on San Carlos Island, it’s all the way up to Pine Ridge Rd on both sides.
  3. And of course they tacitly admit that our taxes will go up. I’m sure that’s another reason we may be disinclined to see this happen.
  4. Then too, they still need deviations from the existing development rules.
  5. I still haven’t figured out how the $10 per hour workers are going to afford the “workforce housing units” which have to be at least $1500+ per month. I talk to the workers in the area and they have to live in the Cape or pay at least $1000 for very small or substandard apartments in the area. Most end up sharing the rent at that.
  6. I’m also not understanding how 500 additional parking spots at the foot of the bridge would help traffic.

As I’ve maintained before, I do not want to stop reasonable or smart development. I’m all for any nice project that would not add to the existing horrible traffic problem. Please feel free to use or paraphrase my comments to the developers, County, or the Sand Paper.


Randy and Kresha Shaul
and Nancy Lane
San Carlos Island

Editor’s Note: The article cited was a result of interviews with Jack Mayher and Nick Ruland, developers of Bay Harbour Marina Village and any assertions or opinions in the article are theirs, not the Sand Paper’s. Opposing assertions and opinions have also been published in the Island Sand Paper in articles and letters, including this one.