The View


I live here year-round I don’t like my car anymore wish I had some other way to get around might say bicycle but it’s not good for me to be on a bicycle I might fall off golf cart is illegal well for the most part so that leaves my car that’s if I want to go to the grocery store the library or the doctors appointments that I keep shopping for things that I might need so every day I get up out of bed for breakfast and now it takes me the whole day to do one thing used to be that I used to do 24 things in one day this is not progress this is lining the pockets of somebody doing the building this is not for the benefit of the people living on the beach this is for the benefit of the people coming & going to use the things that they’re putting on the beach so I might as well say it I’m a local resident and I’m no one nothing not taken into consideration because it’s all about the mighty dollar too bad some things are really actually more important than a dollar things that you look at it sometimes more important than a dollar like this but hey! The view has been sold.

Elizabeth Chrissian

Fort Myers Beach