The Truth


Recent letters and editorials have stated that the outcry against the Grand Resorts development proposal was by anti-development people lacking vision. That is far from the truth.  Development must be consistent with a long established vision defined by a municipal Comprehensive Plan.  Even variances must be consistent with a Comprehensive Plan in order to be legal.  Grand Resorts was advised that asking for development inconsistent with Lee County and Fort Myers Beach (FMB) Comprehensive Plans, FDEP regulations and FEMA requirements would drag out the review process and likely never be approved.  Eliminating a public beach and park, jeopardizing a vulnerable beach environment and adding density and intensity on an already overbuilt barrier island were the reasons the plan failed.  Redevelopment and revitalization of the FMB downtown area is desired.  A plan that boosts the economy, is consistent with the FMB vision and provides public benefit should quickly move through an approval process.


Tom and Annie Babcock

Fort Myers Beach