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It was definitely a “David and Goliath” type matchup last Saturday when the undefeated Golden State Warriors traveled into Milwaukee to face the 10-15 Bucks. The Warriors started the season with an NBA-record 24-game winning streak and very few people would have ever guessed that the huge underdog would be the team to end the streak. However on Saturday, David slayed the seemingly unbeatable Goliath. Golden State fell to 24-1 and also ended their 28-game winning streak, counting the final four games of last season. The NBA’s longest winning streak was 33 games back in 1971-72 by the Los Angeles Lakers, which coincidentally was also snapped by Milwaukee.

Sometimes upsets happen and the underdog has a good run and manages to pull off a close one in the end, but Milwaukee dominated the game and ran away with it in the end defeating Golden State by double digits, 108-95. It wasn’t exactly a one-man show, but Greg Monroe’s 28 points was definitely the key in beating the defending NBA champs. The Warriors were coming off a big victory over Boston on Friday and fatigue may have taken its toll on the Warriors, as they needed two overtimes to pull of the win. Stephan Curry’s 28 points weren’t enough to get past the Bucks, who led by double digits most of the night. The upset seemed inevitable as every time the Warriors made a push to get back into the game, the Bucks had an answer. After facing Phoenix on Wednesday night, the Warriors will host these same Bucks on Friday.

Of course the Warriors lead Pacific Conference in the West. Oklahoma City is leading Denver by a few games in the Northwest Conference and San Antonio leads Dallas by 6.5 games as of Wednesday. In the East, Cleveland (Central) and Toronto (Atlantic) lead their divisions, while the Southwest is up for grabs right now, with Miami, Charlotte, Orlando and Atlanta in a virtual tie.

College Hoops

As mentioned earlier in the month, the conference games haven’t even started yet, but there have been some great matchups and upsets already in NCAA men’s basketball. The top five teams in the rankings are dropping like flies. Marque teams like Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland and UConn all have losses early in the 2015 season. As a matter of fact, only 3 teams in the top 10 remain undefeated; #1 Michigan St. (11-0) and #9 Purdue (11-0) in the Big Ten, and #10 Xavier (10-0) in the Big East. It’s a little surprising that Xavier is only #10 considering their RPI rating is the highest in the nation. Michigan St. moved up fast in the rankings to reach number one and Purdue is the only top 10 team to win all of their games so far this season by double digits. It wouldn’t be surprising if these 3 teams were in the final four come March.


Yes, it’s December and rarely are there big stories this time of year in baseball. However, this week there were two stories that true baseball fans might find newsworthy. The first is a blockbuster trade involving last year’s All-Star Game Home Run Derby champion. The Chicago White Sox acquired All-Star third baseman Todd Frazier from Cincinnati in a three-way trade. Chicago sent the Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers three players each. On Wednesday both teams got a trio of prospects as the White Sox are on a mission to rebuild while the Reds seem to be stripping their team to its core. It looks as though the Dodgers are hoarding young talent for a rebuilding of their own.

Frazier was a first-round pick in 2007 and over the years had become the Red’s biggest bat in the lineup. He hit a career-high 35 home runs in 2015, but did struggle after wowing the crowd at the All-Star festivities to win the Home Run Derby. The White Sox gave up a lot of prospects but it looks like they are feeling the pressure from their neighbors on the north side of town to produce a winner fast.

As far as the other notable story, Pete Rose is still holding out hope that one day he will be in the Hall of Fame. “Charlie Hustle” is one of the greatest hitters to ever take the field, but because of gambling issues while playing and managing the Reds, he was banned from baseball. Baseball’s career hits leader was once again told that the ban that has lasted over 25 years would still be upheld and he would not be allowed back in baseball.

 Mike Yost

Beach Bowl Fantasy Football Standings

  1. Lights Out (2063) 22-6
    2. Do Your Job (1893) 20-8
    3. 88 Snake (1757)                          17-11
    4. Cubbie Bares (1760)                   16-12
    5. Justin’s Team (1742)                   16-12
    6. Ted’s Team (1768)                       13-15
    7. I Love Big Sacks (1625)              13-15
    8. Wyzard o’ whoopass (1597)      10-18
    9. John’s Primos (1616)                  11-17
    10. Beach Bullies (1578)                10-18